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useCookieConsent hook for pure JavaScript projects

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Headless state management for GDPR cookie consent

  • Headless - bring your own styles, we will provide the logic.
  • Hook-based - extremely intuitive for React developers, but can be used in any JavaScript application.
  • Small - Less than 2kB gzipped.


Library-specific packages

This repo was made to be framework-agnostic, so you can use it in any JavaScript project. If you use a UI library that we support, you should use the package for your library for best experience


This package is following this GDPR cookie guide which describes what you need for GDPR compliance. This hook mainly focuses handling the consent state of the different types of cookies as described in "Types of Cookies" in this page. Summarizing the mentioned document, there are three different ways to classify cookies:

  • Cookie Duration
    • Session cookies
    • Persistent cookies
  • Cookie Provenance
    • First-party cookies
    • Third-party cookies
  • Cookie Purpose
    • Strictly necessary cookies
    • Preferences cookies
    • Statistics cookies
    • Marketing cookies

The hook in this repository will provide a way to manage these types of cookies.


npm i @use-cookie-consent/core

yarn add @use-cookie-consent/core

pnpm add @use-cookie-consent/core

⚠️ Note: to have React v18 support, temporarily install @use-cookie-consent/core@0.4.0-dev.4. All further development will support React v18, so this note will disappear in the future.

Usage in React

import { useCookieConsent } from '@use-cookie-consent/core';

export const YourComponent = () => {
  const { consent, acceptAllCookies, declineAllCookies, acceptCookies } =

  return (
        {`Third-party cookies ${consent.thirdParty ? 'approved' : 'rejected'}`}
        {`First-party cookies ${consent.firstParty ? 'approved' : 'rejected'}`}

      <button onClick={acceptAllCookies}>Accept all</button>
      <button onClick={() => acceptCookies({ necessary: true, thirdParty: true })}>
        Accept third-party
      <button onClick={() => acceptCookies({ necessary: true, firstParty: true })}>
        Accept first-party
      <button onClick={declineAllCookies}>Reject all</button>

With custom cookie attributes

import { useCookieConsent } from '@use-cookie-consent/core';

export const YourComponent = () => {
  const { consent, acceptAllCookies, declineAllCookies, acceptCookies } = useCookieConsent({ 
      consentCookieAttributes: { expires: 180  } // 180 days

  return (
    // ...

Cookie attributes for the underlying js-cookie package, more info here.



useCookieConsent is the main hook in this library. You call it whenever you need to accept, decline, set or get cookies - so anything to do with cookies.

  defaultConsent?: CookieConsent,
  consentCookieAttributes?: CookieAttributes;

This hook function returns following object:

  consent: {
    session?: boolean;
    persistent?: boolean;
    necessary?: boolean;
    preferences?: boolean;
    statistics?: boolean;
    marketing?: boolean;
    firstParty?: boolean;
    thirdParty?: boolean;
  acceptCookies: (cookies: CookieTypes) => void;
  declineAllCookies: () => void;
  acceptAllCookies: () => void;
  didAcceptAll: () => boolean;
  didDeclineAll: (opts?: CookieDeclineOptions) => boolean;
  cookies: CookieWrapper;

Roadmap to v1

  • Monorepo
  • Add package bundler (rollup was added)
  • Add support for Storage API
  • Add support for custom cookie categories
  • Create documentation website here
  • Create supporting library packages
    • React here
    • Vue (planned)
    • Svelte (planned)
    • Solid (planned)
    • Preact (planned)
    • Alpine (planned)
    • Lit (planned)
  • Change CookiesWrapper API to something that doesn't require a specific dependency (maybe just Storage API step?)


If you want to contribute to this project, read our contributing guidelines first.


Following package was used as a starter for this project:

Discussions and Questions

For non-issues please consider joining our Discord here!