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Repository to organize Geospatial Dev Day at useR! 2020: July 6, 2020
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Geospatial Dev Day at useR! 2020

Event Details

Prior to the main conference, useR! 2020 will feature a dedicated developer day with a focus on open source spatial R software as a part of the conference's Geospatial Track. Space will be provided on the Monday before the conference for those in the R community to work together in person on spatial packages. The event will be hosted at Geosaurus Rex, St. Louis’ premier geospatial innovation incubator.

  • Location: Geosaurus, T-REX, 911 Washington Ave Suite 500, St. Louis, MO 63101
  • Date: Monday, July 6, 2020, 9am-5pm

Attendees will need to indicate at registration whether they are interested in participating in this event. There will be a nominal cost to participants so that we can provide lunch.

Participating in Geospatial Dev Day

Details for the event are still being worked out. Please join the conversation in this repository's Issues!

We'd like your input on:

  • How to incorporate remote participation
  • How to structure pair programming
  • What types of work you'd like to get done
  • How to indicate that something is suitable for contribution

We also are looking for spatial R package authors to tag and identify discrete issues that can be worked on during the event, as well as to support with merging/providing feedback on contributions as needed.

How to tag issues for this event

Package authors: Please include the "rspatial-dev-day" tag on issues that you wish to include in Geospatial Dev Day.


This event is being coordinated by the useR! 2020 Geospatial Track team, led by Angela Li. Please reach out to with questions.

P.S. Thanks to Tim Salabim and Edzer Pebesma for starting the conversation in the r-spatial organization!

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