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Developer Guide.pdf
RLM API Documentation.pdf
RLM Challenger Application.pdf
RLM Learning Visualizer Overview.pdf
Retail PoC 2.0 Guide.pdf

RLM Banner

Current Papers and Documents

RLM and Explainability.pdf

  • A deep dive into the functionality and importance of the RLM revolutionary explainability.
  • A look the the AI "black box" and how the RLM solves it

Developer Guide.pdf

  • Introductory document to developing with the RLM
  • Full guide and code for creating a sample app to get familiar with developing with the RLM

RLM API Documentation.pdf

  • Identifies all available API’s and provides a guide to utilizing them

Retail POC How To.pdf

  • How to Guide on initial setup and usage of the Retail Proof of Concept Application

RLM Learning Visualizer Overview

  • How to Guide on the usage and interpretation of the RLM Learning Visualizer

The RLM-A technical Overview.pdf

  • Technical overview of the RLM

Upcoming Documents

Technical Comparison

  • Results and details from head to head comparisons against other machine learning systems

RLM White Paper

  • Detailed white paper outlining the functionality of the RLM

Architecture guide

  • Full architectural layout and explanation