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Developers (with GitHub username)
* Dietrich Moerman (dietrichm)
Project founder, developer
3rd party contributors
* Tadashi "ELF" Jokagi
Multibyte support and email handling patches
* Jeremy "Jemo" Hixon
Forum/topic icons
3rd party portions
* DokuWiki development team
Javascript insert_tags() function (GNU GPL v2)
* phpBB Group
URL and e-mail regular expressions (GNU GPL v2)
* twilop at article
checkdnsrr() replacement for Windows (public domain)
Smiley graphics (GNU GPL v2)
* stefanor at
HTML named entities to code table (GNU GPL v2)
* CSS3 PIE developers
IE 8 CSS3 styling attributes support (GNU GPL v2)
Any changes to 3rd party code can be tracked at
Should anyone be missing from this list, please email to
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