UseBB 1 resources - ACP modules, convertors, mods, templates and translations.
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UseBB 1 resources

This repository contains the resources for UseBB 1 that have been contributed over the years. This includes:

  • ACP modules
  • convertors
  • modifications (mods)
  • templates
  • translations

All of the resources are unofficial and thus unsupported -- that's why they are outside of the UseBB 1 source tree. Please use them at your responsibility and eventually ask for help in our Resources forum.

If you wish to contribute, please feel free to fork the code or send your additions to contact at You can also open a new issue for this repository (at GitHub) in case there are bugs or issues with a resource.

Deprecated stuff

Please be advised UseBB 1 has its age and has had several beta 0.x releases in 2004-2006. Some resources might now work anymore, while others might be untested or outdated.

Other sources

This repository is not the only source of resources. People have been submitting at the Resources forum too, and on websites such as UseBB Zone. A Google query might return helpful results.

Note: the old source of the files in here were the trackers at Their contents has been moved here.