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Important: to continue using bedrock upgrade, please update your bedrock command line to the newest version. Run npm install -g bedrock-cli to do so.

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The tree now has a selected state and a count of the page states

  • We use PugJS (the successor to Jade) for templates now
    • To migrate older projects, run bedrock upgrade. This will check the Bedrock version, if it is below 1.2.0, it will automatically migrate templates to pug.
    • Older projects will sometimes need updating of the way content is rendered. The difference between the version of Jade that we used and Pug is mostly on the interpolation syntax. On the wiki we will document examples to help with migration. The gist of it is that you don't use #{} anymore but directly write javascript in the brackets.
    • There is an automatic migration for some common parts of Bedrock (e.g. common patterns in master templates, the mixin for SVG icons)
  • The tree and page states feature has been updated to include a selected state
  • The tree feature has been updated to now show how many states a page has
  • We fixed some bugs when it comes to remembering the state of the tree.
    • Important here is that your project should be named in package.json i.e. the name field needs to be different for every project.
    • Within package.json there is a new entry called bedrockVersion that denotes the version of bedrock used.
  • Work has been done on #165 (Optionality). It is now possible to set styleguide to false. This is untested so far.