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Experimental Svelte-based version of Bedrock 2. Tread carefully.
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Bedrock 2

Welcome to Bedrock. Bedrock is a prototyping environment to quickly build user interfaces.

Main features include:

  • Style guide ("design system"): documentation of the components that are available to you
  • Page tree: view the pages in your prototype in a handy side panel

Create a Bedrock 2 based prototype

We recommend using degit to be able to grab a Bedrock install without actually cloning the project repository. Degit is a way of cloning a repository without including the Git folder.

Here is the series of commands you can use to start a new prototype:

npm i -g degit
degit usebedrock/bedrock2 my-bedrock-2-project
cd my-bedrock-2-project/
npm install
npm run dev

Now visit http://localhost:3000 to view your project.

Export your results

The way to export your resulting project is to run:

npm run export

Your generated website will live in a folder called __sapper__/export.

Development on Bedrock 2 itself

To run the project:

npm install
npm run dev

How to contribute


  • Node LTS
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