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groundwork tutorial

This is the repository of the groundwork tutorial. It contains the tutorial itself as sphinx project and related example code for each chapter.

To follow this tutorial, please visit https://useblocks.github.io/groundwork-tutorial/.

Helpful links


groundwork itself is a plugin-based Python application framework.
To get a first impression of it, visit http://groundwork.useblocks.com.
The technical documentation of groundwork can be found at https://groundwork.readthedocs.io

groundwork extensions

For the technical documentation of groundwork-database, visit https://groundwork-database.readthedocs.io.

The documentation for groundwork-web can be found at https://groundwork-web.readthedocs.io

Repository structure

Directory structure:

|- code
|  |- chapter_1  # Example source code for chapter 1: groundwork
|  |- chapter_2  # Example source code for chapter 2: groundwork-database
|  |- chapter_3  # Example source code for chapter 3: groundwork-web
|  |- chapter_n  # Source code of the final example project
|- docs
   | - source  # Documentation as rst files.

Build docs

To build the documentation, simply do:

# Get the repository
git clone https://github.com/useblocks/groundwork-tutorials
cd groundwork-tutorials/docs

# Install libraries needed for documentation build
pip install -r doc-requirements.txt

# Build documentation
make html

It may be also good to let sphinx-apidoc generate a fresh set of new api-rst files:

sphinx-apidoc -o source/api ../code/chapter_n/csv-manager/csv_manager