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Complete documentation:

Attention: sphinxcontrib-needs got renamed to sphinx-needs. This affects also the URLs for documentation and repository:


Sphinx-Needs allows the definition, linking and filtering of class-like need-objects, which are by default:

  • requirements
  • specifications
  • implementations
  • test cases.

This list can be easily customized via configuration (for instance to support bugs or user stories).

A default requirement need looks like:

Layout and style of needs can be highly customized, so that a need can also look like:

Take a look into our Examples for more pictures and ideas how to use Sphinx-Needs.

For filtering and analyzing needs, Sphinx-Needs provides different, powerful possibilities:

needtable needflow needpie


Using poetry

poetry add sphinx-needs

Using pip

pip install sphinx-needs


Prior version 1.0.1 the package was named sphinxcontrib-needs.

Using sources

git clone
cd sphinx-needs
pip install .
# or
poetry install


For final activation, please add sphinx_needs to the project's extension list of your file.

extensions = ["sphinx_needs",]


Prior version 1.0.1 the extensions was called sphinxcontrib.needs.