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Since the Usechain mannet is Beta version, the tokens you get from Usechain faucet or from miner or from other ways is just for test. It has no real value now!


Welcome to the usechain doc wiki!

Usechain is the world's first mirror identity blockchain that achieves the correspondence between addresses on-chain and real identity off-chain, while maintains full privacy protection. On the basis of anonymity, Usechain vests the blockchain network with legality by identity mapping, fundamentally promote the mass application of blockchain technology. Usechain has a natural advantage on financial decentralized applications. The real-identity mapping and isolating satisfy the requirements of legality of the financial activities. The technical innovations from basic-layer to top-layer of the infrastructure lower the threshold to use blockchain technology, and promote the development of decentralized applications. Usechain will eventually construct a Wall Street on blockchain.

The Usechain public blockchain mainnet(Beta) goes online on June 15th, 2019. At present, it implements identity verification, encryption algorithm, stealth function, committee, RPOW algorithm and block explorer, etc.

Usechain is developed based on Ethereum and is well compatible with Ethereum. Most of the operations, if not specified, can refer to the Ethereum Documentation.

In the future, we will make better optimization in terms of identity, to achieve higher transaction performance and provide basic financial functions to support large-scale ecological applications.

Mainnet documents:


UWallet Android DApp

Mainnet release

Moonet documents

Moonet is the Usechain testnet.

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