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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Fathom on my server?

Have a look at the installation instructions.

How do I upgrade Fathom to the latest version?

By overwriting the fathom binary with the new version. Make sure to restart any running processes for the changes to take effect. More detailed instructions can be found here: upgrading Fathom.

What databases can I use with Fathom?

You can use Fathom with either Postgres, MySQL or SQLite.

How to configure Fathom?

Create a file named .env in the working directory of your Fathom process. You can find a list of accepted configuration values here.

How to start tracking pageviews?

Add the tracking snippet to all pages on your site that you want to keep track of. Get your tracking snippet by clicking the gearwheel icon in your Fathom dashboard.

What data does Fathom track?

Fathom tracks no personally identifiable information on your visitors.

When Fathom tracks a pageview, your visitor is assigned a random string which is used to determine whether it's a unique pageview. If your visitor visits another page on your site, the previous pageview is processed & deleted within 1 minute. If the visitor leaves your site, the pageview is processed & deleted when the session ends (in 30 minutes).

If "Do Not Track" is enabled in the browser settings, Fathom respects that.

Fathom is not tracking my pageviews

If you have the tracking snippet in place and Fathom is still not tracking you, most likely you have navigator.doNotTrack enabled. Fathom is respecting your browser's "Do Not Track" setting right now.

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