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fix watch task for gulp 4.x compat

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dannyvankooten committed Oct 30, 2018
1 parent 5c69fb6 commit 69870d6fa8152f843964c44fdc78f870ffb66ef1
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  1. +5 −5 gulpfile.js
@@ -76,9 +76,9 @@ gulp.task('sass', function () {
gulp.task('default', gulp.series('app-js', 'tracker-js', 'sass', 'html', 'img', 'fonts' ) );

gulp.task('watch', gulp.series('default', function() {['./assets/src/js/**/*.js'], ['app-js', 'tracker-js'] );['./assets/src/sass/**/**/*.scss'], ['sass'] );['./assets/src/**/*.html'], ['html'] );['./assets/src/img/**/*'], ['img'] );['./assets/src/fonts/**/*'], ['fonts'] );['./assets/src/js/**/*.js'], gulp.parallel('app-js', 'tracker-js') );['./assets/src/sass/**/**/*.scss'], gulp.parallel( 'sass') );['./assets/src/**/*.html'], gulp.parallel( 'html') );['./assets/src/img/**/*'], gulp.parallel( 'img') );['./assets/src/fonts/**/*'], gulp.parallel( 'fonts') );

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