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@dannyvankooten dannyvankooten released this Nov 30, 2018 · 35 commits to master since this release


d62c9b9 add chart group options to navbar (hour, day, month).
a8e2989 center-align text in date picker inputs
5143265 change date preset options + styling. closes #149
239f880 clean-up state from date range timestamps
3656fef discard requests to /collect with missing requried query vars
8f7c6d2 don't track request if page is served from local filesystem (instead of over http). closes #190
be3b39e fix to 1st of month when grouping chart by month
9b7acf2 improve chart ticks & tooltip content
072addd only show pagination row when table rows are at limit OR when in paginated result already
f5cd87f pretty number format in chart y-axes
cae987c show less ticks in chart x-axes when viewing 15-31 data points
019b7c9 show pagination arrows in table component which allows paginating the table results. closes #153
d884567 update npm lock file
a04307e use LIMIT #, OFFSET # syntax for compat across all database drivers. fixes #188

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