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Fancy Redirects

Much content was moved around (in the output site) recently. That is because we're doing a strange and cool hybrid-site approach.

Page Use
/ main galaxy instance
/about/ About our galaxy instance
/freiburg/ About the freiburg team
/news/ news posts
/events/ events posts

We'll be doing some fancy proxying to accomplish this. The above mentioned pages (other than /) will have the full "chrome", i.e. top bar with about/people/pubs links.

Within the main panel we'll be showing an iframe to which will NOT be accessible via

This is a terrible explanation but basically:

  • the site should be fully functional at This site can be referenced in communication materials.
  • certain important subpages (/freiburg/, /news/, /events/) will be available from in order to tie those to our galaxy instance more closely.

Server Maintenance

If you need to register a notice event, edit _data/notices.yml. When the event is over, you should comment out that file.


You will notice there is some duplication in the templates:

Parent Duplicate
_layout/event.html _layout/event-galaxy.html
_layout/event_list.html _layout/event_list-galaxy.html
_layout/news.html _layout/news-galaxy.html
_layout/news_list.html _layout/news_list-galaxy.html
_layout/ _layout/
_layout/ _layout/
_layout/ _layout/
_includes/home_news_events.html _includes/home_news_events-galaxy.html

This duplication is intentional, it is part of the collections configuration and allows us to produce "two" sites from one set of source documents. This is done intentionally in order to allow authors to add posts once, and then on the code side we generate both a "normal" site with the full header, and a "galaxy" version without the header since a duplicate header looks quite strange in Galaxy.

If you need to edit templates, I would recommend editing the parent / normal template and then vimdiffing (or other tool of your choice) to compare that with its -galaxy.html sibling. Most of the templates will be identical except for the template they are inheriting from. The only major differences is that the normal templates read for post in site.posts (or while the galaxy templates read for post in site.posts_plain (or site.events_plain)

Adding Posts

These are used for tool notices / other server notices. Run:

bundle exec jekyll post "My new post"

The only required metadata are tags and title, you should remove layout as that is inherited / specified automatically. If you put tools in the tags a wrench icon will show with the post.

Adding Events

You will need to manually create an event in the folder _events. The metadata for events is a bit more complex, it looks like:

title: Software Carpentry workshop
starts: 2017-03-09
ends: 2017-03-10
  name: Freiburg Galaxy Team
location: Georges-Köhler-Allee, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Here we specify an starts and ends to define the dates of the event. Providing an organiser name and email is recommended to allow people to contact you easily regarding the event.

Supplying a location is used in the user's calendar (if it supports it). E.g. when the user adds the event to their google calendar, they will see a map of the location and can easily get directions to it.


bundle install --path vendor/bundle
bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

Other commands are available under jekyll --help


The scripts and are what are run by our Jenkins bot.

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