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Based off of jmchilton's template, except running tests against


We are automatically running these workflows against

Workflow Status
GraphClust2/ Build Status
example1/ Build Status
example2/ Build Status
raceid3/ Build Status
sklearn/adaboost/ Build Status
sklearn/ard/ Build Status
training/assembly/general-introduction/ Build Status
training/assembly/unicycler-assembly/ Build Status
training/chip-seq/formation_of_super-structures_on_xi/ Build Status
training/epigenetics/hicexplorer/ Build Status
training/epigenetics/methylation-seq/ Build Status
training/metagenomics/general-tutorial/ Build Status
training/proteomics/metaproteomics/ Build Status
training/proteomics/protein-id-sg-ps/ Build Status
training/proteomics/protein_quant_sil/ Build Status
training/sequence-analysis/mapping/ Build Status
training/sequence-analysis/quality-control/ Build Status
training/sequence-analysis/ref-based-rad-seq/ Build Status
training/statistics/machine_learning/classification/ Build Status
training/statistics/machine_learning/regression/ Build Status
training/transcriptomics/ref-based/ Build Status
training/transcriptomics/small_ncrna_clustering/ Build Status
training/variant-analysis/dip/ Build Status
training/variant-analysis/mapping-by-sequencing/ Build Status
training/variant-analysis/microbial-variants/ Build Status


An introduction to workflow testing and a tutorial can be found at the Galaxy Training Network.

Pretty-printing Worfklow JSON

You can use the command line tool jq to pretty-print the workflow .ga files:

cat | jq . -S >

or this webservice: