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Lagoon - The Open Source Build and Deploy Platform - created by


A central location for links out to the Lagoon community.

Table of Contents

  1. Documentation
  2. Roadmap
  3. Project Discussions
  4. Social Media
  5. Blog
  6. Community Hours
  7. Contribution


Our main documentation has been collated over at - head over there to see what's what - if you think we're missing something, please let us know.


We are going to be using this repository's Project as a temporary roadmap whilst we complete our website.

Project Discussions

Likewise, we will be consolidating discussions about Lagoon into this repository - We will continue to ask our community for input, and try to hold some of the coordination here.

Social Media

Follow us on Twitter:

Follow us on Mastodon:

Our Instagram is at, though we haven’t had anything to post there yet - stay tuned!

Join the Conversation

Chat with us on Discord, and stay up to date with releases and blog posts:

If you’re a part of the Drupal community, feel free to join us on the Drupal Slack (, in our #lagoon channel.


Check out our blog over at, where we write about how we make Lagoon, tools we use and love, and Open Source bits of interest.

Recent Articles

Community Hours

We will be holding regularly scheduled community hours, where anyone in the community is welcome to drop in and ask us questions, talk about projects, and chat.

We currently hold community hours every two weeks, alternating between timezones. For 2023, we have also added text-based chats in the Lagoon Discord, so folks can join asynchronously, without missing anything.

US timezone

Every fourth Thursday, in the US afternoon / AusNZ early morning - check your timezone and next meeting at

EU timezone

Every fourth Tuesday, in the EU morning / AusNZ evening - check your timezone and next meeting at

Discord chat

Every fourth Wednesday, in the US afternoon / AusNZ early morning - check your timezone and next meeting at


As an open source project, we LOVE contributions. We have some info on getting started in our documentation: . We'd also love for you to join us at a community hour or through any of our social media to chat about how you can contribute to Lagoon!


  1. lagoon Public

    Lagoon, the developer-focused application delivery platform

    TypeScript 481 141

  2. This repository builds the images used in Lagoon and local development environments

    Dockerfile 23 29

  3. This is the meta-project for the Lagoon example projects - the folders are all pointing to the individual examples (and branches). This repo is mostly used for testing and coordination.

    5 4

  4. A collection of Helm charts for Lagoon and associated services.

    Smarty 8 8