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This patch release of Lagoon fully reverts the changes introduced in #3133 and #3141

The Lagoon team comprehensively tested these changes prior to release. However, on release, it became apparent that a very small minority of users were using docker-compose.yml files that were incorrectly formatted, and would therefore not be able to be effectively read using our automated tools.

These errors range from full syntax errors (that would prevent docker-compose from working) to minor issues that would cause it to work with some limitations, to other use cases not envisioned in developing our features.

In order to provide the best possible Lagoon experience, this release reverts the new functionality and instead introduces a docker-compose validate step that will raise an issue in the build logs if Lagoon discovers one of these errors. We still intend to release the updated build deploy code in Lagoon v2.9.0 but intend to monitor builds in the meantime to ensure that we've captured a wide range of configurations

tags v2.8.2 and v.2.8.3 have not been converted into releases and can be safely skipped.

Full Changelog: v2.8.1...v2.8.4

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This release is a hotfix release to remedy the issue raised in #3179, and a specific use case experienced when a user is a member of multiple projects. It has backported three PRs that will be released in Lagoon v2.9.0

If you are not utilising the LAGOON_BACKUP_DEV_RETENTION and LAGOON_BACKUP_PR_RETENTION variables to set alternate retention periods for development environments, you can skip this release and wait for v2.9.0 (released in the next day or so after this)

Changes in this release

Full Changelog: v2.8.0...v2.8.1

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In this release

This release contains a security fix for an opendistro index creation permission issue (see GHSA-7jj3-wwp7-989p)

This release also introduces a new set of logic for the build-deploy image, processing routes and ingresses via the new - gradually more of the logic will transfer across - see uselagoon/build-deploy-tool#27 for details

Additionally, the permissions needed to add environment variables to projects have been revised to match the use case, and can now be actioned by a user with "maintainer" permission, instead of the previous "owner".

This release is built on the images

The lagoon-charts update will follow shortly.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v2.7.1...v2.8.0

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This is a patch release to remedy a couple of issues found since releasing 2.7.0

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v2.7.0...v2.7.1

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This release is built on the release

There are two feature updates in this release:

  • Making tasks more like deployments - with similar progress stages for reporting and tracking
  • Configurable backup schedules for non-production environments, with the ability to differentiate between PR and branch deployments. More information on how to configure them is in #3087

This release also remediates two earlier issues with S3 restore checks from v2.6.0 and some incorrect database migrations logic that caused the migrations not to run correctly.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v2.6.0...v2.7.0

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Security FIx

This release of Lagoon patches a security vulnerability present in Lagoon v2.5.0 only. In this release, a service-api client was added to Keycloak without a secret being automatically generated. This client isn't in a release yet (it is pre-work for the SSH portal coming shortly). THis v2.6.0 releae resolves this by automatically creating or rotating a secret. The corresponding charts release also allows for the definition of a secret, although this isn't supported in our version of keycloak yet.
If you are unable to upgrade to v2.6.0 immediately, you can log in to Keycloak, go to the service-api client, and click "Regenerate secret".

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.5.0...v2.6.0

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This release is built on the images

New in this release

There are three main features debuting in this release, two of which are still under development, but are in pre-release and in active use already

Bulk Deployments

This allows a Lagoon user to trigger the simultaneous deployment of multiple sites at once, and for those deployments to be automatically allocated to lagoon-remotes and stampede protection/QoS implemented in the remote-controller. These deployments come with additional updates to the UI, linking bulk deployments together, and providing an overview screen for easy tracking.

Insights (pre-release)

Insights is a remote-to-core system that collects data (currently SBOM and image data per service) from Lagoon Builds (into configMaps), and then transmits it back to a handler that stores that data into S3, and processes "key facts" into the API, stored against the environment. Additional functionality will be added to be able to analyse this data for vulnerabilities and inconsistencies, triggering alerts and data to the API. The key facts are still in development, but the underlying data model isn't expected to change.

Workflows (pre-release)

Workflows is an extension of the tasks system that allows more control over when tasks are run, what pre-conditions must exist. It's still in development, but is already in use.

Other updates

There are a number of other fixes in here, including improvements to DBaaS detection, configuration for single-node clusters, Kibana integration, rootless migration updates, GitLab MR labels, and some improvements to task logging, build logging and error tracking in deployments.

Deprecations and Updates

  • A large amount of legacy (pre-RBAC) code has been removed - this was no longer functional, and was adjudged safe to be removed
  • Kubernetes 1.22 comaptible updates have been made to the Ingresses created by Lagoon. More 1.22 work on other Lagoon aspects is also underway
  • Alpine 3.15 has been rolled out where possible to Lagoon services.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v2.4.1...v2.5.0

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This image is built on the release

This release introduces a number of new and improved features:

  • SBOM generation per-service into namespace ConfigMap
  • Integration with the latest amazeeio/dbaas-operator - to dynamically check for presence of dbaas providers
  • Incremental build log generation - logs are sent to S3 at a number of relevant build stages
  • Collecting the pod logs from failed deployments, to help diagnose failures.
  • Retries to skopeo docker image commands to overcome transient read/write issues
  • UI updates to show DeployTarget configs, and expose metadata about lagoon-remote clusters as they pertain to environments.
  • Addition of a python-persistent helm-chart
  • Removal of the legacy billing code from the API
  • Conversion of the stored API DB procedures into knex.

What's Changed (since 2.4.0)

What's Changed (since 2.3.0)

Full Changelog: v2.3.0...v2.4.1

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The following changes are all incorporated in the 2.4.1 release - that release also contains two hotfixes to build-deploys that can cause build failures.

Use of this release may result in some mariadb services incorrectly being allocated container resources (mariadb-single) instead of the expected dbaas ones. In addition, sites that generated large ConfigMaps of their SBOM may have their builds incorrectly reported as "failing". Both these issues are resolved in v2.4.1

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v2.3.0...v2.4.0

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This is the most recent scheduled release of Lagoon, built from the images

There are three main items here:

  • Support for deifining services in routerPatterns (#2953) - this will allow users (particularly those with multi-clusters) to define their own router patterns. The Lagoon default is ${service}.${environment}.${project}.clusterURL - but this can cause issues with some certificate authorities when used to secure Autogenerated routes. This PR allows the service, environment and project combination to be defined per project (or per cluster) - commonly to ${service}-${environment}-${project}.clusterURL

  • Support for Routes defined via the API (#2940) - this will allow Administrators to override, or add routes to projects without the need for them to be added to the project's .lagoon.yml file. This is especially handy from a support point of view, as well as in Polysite or Multisite applications.

  • Images from previous deployments available as cache in the build step (#2919) - this exposes some new environment variables into the Lagoon Build that provide the image reference for the previous deployment's images. These can then be loaded into your dockerfile as a cache, especially useful for builds that have submodules. There is a brief example we use for testing at but we will publish more information shortly

Other smaller fixes include improved logic for Drush sql-dumps, log verbosity improvements, our documentation change, cronjob fixes, storage-calculator improvements and some improvements to docker-host management.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v2.2.4...v2.3.0