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My web(site) HTML5 / PHP tools and (web)pages.
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Web tools + pages

My web(site) HTML5 / PHP tools and (web)pages.

[...use my notes to add more here...]

Steps to show these webpages locally

The following instructions/steps are about how to show a local copy of these webpages
on a Raspberry Pi or other computer that has a (GNU/)Linux based OS (operating system)
installed on it - for example, Raspbian or Debian.

It installs and uses CheckInstall (info at
to "keep track of all the files created or modified by the installation script, build
a binary package and install it, giving you the ability to uninstall it"
(quote from

[...delete when done: add more to sub-headings in this section, when installing the software on my next RPi
- use the same config and file paths as the current one (download repo. folder) and use CheckInstall]

Install the software.

Download [this](+ link) bash (shell) script.

Then, in the folder that has the file, open it and
choose to execute in a terminal (command line app).

Add config, files and run commands.

Website tools - HTML5 / PHP

[...add text here using small note sheet...]

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