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Maintained by John Schember (
Originally created by Girish Ramakrishnan. He is not an active member of the project.
KDocker Icon by Marcel Dierkes (marcel dot dierkes at gmx dot de)
4.x Translations
Italian - Alessio Cassibba (
1.3 Translations
Spanish translations by Edulix (edulix at tumundoweb dot com)
French translations by Al (altrash at altern &dot& org)
Czech translations by Jiri Hofman (jiri dot hofman # a.t # tut*fi)
Russian translations by Aleksey Kirpichnikov (coder *at* paco dot net)
Brazilian Portugese by Paulo Ruthes (paulo.ruthes $at$ $uol$ com dot br)
German translations by Thomas Runge (thomas dot r3 at gmx dot de)
Polish translation by KonMan (dedalus !at o2 dot pl)
Indonesian translation by Eko Prasetiyo (e hiphen prast at spymac dot com)
Italian translations by Alessio Cassibba (swapon at gmail dot com)