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for version 5.2
- Add 'Lock to desktop' option
- Fix bash completion
for version 5.1
- Support load/save per application settings
- Various fixes
for version 5.0
- Support Qt 5.
for version 4.9
- Assorted bug fixed (mostly minimal).
for version 4.8
- Format help argument output so that it wraps at a 79 characters.
- Scrolling (mouse scroll wheel event) on icon can raise and iconify
- Add option -e option to specify pattern matching type.
Accepts n = normal, r = regex, u = unix wildcard, w = wildcard,
x = xml schema 1.1.
- Add option -j to enable case senstive matching.
- Add option -k to set regex minimal matching.
for version 4.7
- Fix install location of icon referenced by .desktop file so that it
shows properly.
- Fix bug where build fails with GCC-4.7.
for version 4.6
- Fix bug with windows not showing after being restored when KWin is the
- Fix bug with restored windows not gaining focus when KWin is the WM.
for version 4.5
- Change -n option behavior:
- -n now acts as -n -y.
- Name matching now matches any running application. Previously it would
only match when launching an application.
- Remove -y option.
- Change a number of casts from C style to C++ style.
for version 4.4
- Remove window manager decoration close button can optionally iconify. It
ended up causing many issues. Fixes:
- Drag and drop.
- Moving borderless windows (chrome).
- Windows moving slightly when undocking.
- Focus bug (#600045).
- Remove -c option.
- Add help text for -i option.
- Update INSTALL.
- Default install path is now /usr instead of /usr/local.
for version 4.3
- Use QtSingleApplication.
- Window manager decoration close button can optionally iconify.
- Changed command line option -c: Disables WM close button iconify.
- Restructure large parts of the appplication.
for version 4.2.2
- Fix installing translation files.
for version 4.2.1
- Fix type in .pro file that prevents all files from installing.
for version 4.2
- Fix disabling balloon title changes menu option.
- Ignore docked windows and continue looking when matching command by name
and when matching by specified pid.
- Bash completion
- Italian Translation thanks to Alessio Cassibba
- Change behavior of tray activation. Raise window when not active, and
iconify when active.
- Change to the desktop the window was last on when restoring. Only works
with WMs that support _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP.
- Iconify when focus lost.
for version 4.1
- Fix bug 431297: Fall back to window title and class name when launching if
pid becomes invalid. Allows commands that detach and get a new pid (rox)
to dock correctly.
- New command line option -n: Specify the string to use for fall back when
launching a command and a pid match cannot be determined.
- New command line option -y: Force matching command by title and class
- New command line option -x: Specify PID of application to dock.
- Fix a bug that prevented the time out for trying to dock and launched
command from increasing.
- Menu item for setting the tray icon.
- Fix bug: Do not quit when closing docked application from tray menu.
for version 4.0
- 4.0 rewrite complete.
for version 4.0-preview-1
- Preview release of Qt 4 port.
for version 1.3
- Fix bug when reading back balloon timeout on session restoration
- AutoLaunch enhancement (Request user to provide program name when
autodetection failed)
- Indonesian translations from Eko Prasetiyo
- Italian translations from Alessio Cassibba
- Updated Brazilian Portuguese and polish translations
for version 1.2
- Polish translations from KonMan
- Check WM_NAME to support programs like LimeWire (for lavacube)
- Store entire application path as part of session
- Move around command line handling code
- Configure balloon timeout using "-p" (for roopesh)
for version 1.1
- German translations from Thomas Runge
- Dialog detection bug. I replaced all LOG with TRACE (Thanks to Novoselic
who raised a question which helped me notice it)
- -v Displays the version
- -b Suppress the warning when docking non-normal dialogs
(For John Pettigrew)
- Fix issue when passing large command line to previous instance
(Reported by Arseniy Akopyan)
for version 1.0 CR1
- Russian translations by Aleksey Kirpichnikov
- Brazilian Portugese translations by Paulo Ruthes
for version 1.0
- Spanish translations are back in (Thanks Edulix)
- Yet another fix for xmms
for version 1.0 rc2
- "make install" support (with QMake)
- Multiple desktop awareness (for Sharon)
- Icons from Marcel Dierkes
- Use XDND type mechanism to pass arguments to previous instance
- Spanish translations are out.
- Czech translations by Jiri Hofman
- Drag and drop support for Antonio C. Censi
- Xmms+PlayList fix (for KDE)
for version 1.0 rc1
- Session Management support (XSMP) for KDE and GNOME
- AutoLaunch application support that do not support Session Management
- Wait until system tray comes up on session restoration (Requested by
- Fix GNOME docked icon resize issue
- Track tray label appearance and disappearance handling
- Major code refactoring. QTrayLabel is now a very reusable class
for version 0.9
- Support to dock the active window (useful with keyboard shortcuts) -f
Was requested by Daniel
- Small security fix
- ToolTip positioning issue (reported by Alex)
- CLI Support to disabling ballooning of title changes. -q (requested by
Marcel Dierkes)
- French Translations (Thanks to Al)
for version 0.8
- Custom Icons. Accessible through menu or CLI
- Fixes for KDE (ObscureEvent, BringToFront, SkippingTaskbar)
- Code refactoring
- Changes to have only a single instance of KDocker running all the time!
for version 0.7
- Use WM_COMMAND to identify windows
- Warn when attemping to dock non-normal windows
- Issue with tool tips fixed
for version 0.6
- Start up applications
- CLI support
- Spanish Translation and i18n support
for version 0.5
- Support to remember the position
- Support to close application
- Support to remove application from the task bar
for version 0.4
- Add dock on obscure
- Add dock on minimise