The cryptography classes in PDS.
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Personal Data Security (PDS)

Copyright 2009, Brett Lee -

Copyright 2016, PDS Software Solutions LLC -

The Java class files provided here are part of the Personal Data Security software application. These classes have been released to demonstrate how PDS has implemented the the cryptographic components within the application, and to seek comments on any and all improvements that could be made to enhance the security of the cryptography within PDS. The classes are released under the MIT license.

The cryptographic functionalities within PDS include:

  1. Creation of cipher Keys - AES, TDEA & DES.

  2. Storage and retrieval of cipher Keys.

  3. Creation of encryption/decryption Ciphers.

  4. Creation of Initialization Vectors.

The classes and their cryptographic code are as follows:

  1. - Creating, reading and saving KeyStores.

  2. - Creating, storing and retrieving Keys.

  3. - Creating ciphers for encrypting/decrypting.