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Dashboard is software for creating web apps and SaaS
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Guest landing page

Dashboard is a parallel web application that accompanies your web app, subscription service, or Stripe Connect platform to provide all the "boilerplate" a modern web app requires to serve its users. Use Dashboard instead of rewriting user account and login systems.

Development status

Dashboard is ready to use. The following work remains and help is welcome:

  • translations required for everything in /languages please help
  • add sorting and searching table data to the APIs and UIs
  • add signin throttling
  • add api throttling
  • add UI for setting user language preference
  • add server handler to substitute preferred language HTML
  • add hooks for 2FA
  • needs module for API keys
  • needs module for logs

Local documentation

File Description
/documentation/1. What is Markdown version of the developer documentation
/documentation/2. Building an application with Markdown version of the developer documentation
/api.txt How to use the API via NodeJS or your application server
/sitemap.txt Runtime configuration and map of URLs to modules & local files
/ Environment variables you can use to configure Dashboard

Online documentation

Join the freenode IRC #dashboard chatroom for support. Web IRC client

Case studies

Hastebin is an open source pastebin web application. It started as a service for anonymous guests only, and was transformed with Dashboard and modules into a web application for registered users with support for sharing posts with organizations and paid subscriptions.


Dashboard accounts optionally support anonymous registration and irreversibly encrypt signin username and passwords. There are no third-party trackers, analytics or resources embedded in Dashboard pages.


Development takes place on Github with releases on NPM.


This software is distributed under the MIT license.

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