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1 parent 52b727c commit 04898b666658a71f4797a4bbf71a61321cb7ccb0 @userdj committed Dec 1, 2012
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@@ -2365,8 +2365,8 @@
<string name="pc_init_d">Habilitar/Deshabilitar Tweaks</string>
<string name="ps_init_d">Configurar tweaks que arrancan en el inicio</string>
<string name="pc_init_d_tweaks">Personalizar Tweaks</string>
- <string name="pt_zipalign">Zipalign aplicaciones</string>
- <string name="ps_zipalign">zipalign cuanquier unaligned aplicación en cada arranque</string>
+ <string name="pt_zipalign">Zipalignear aplicaciones</string>
+ <string name="ps_zipalign">zipalignear toda aplicación unaligneada en cada arranque</string>
<string name="pt_enable_sd_boost">Habilitar SD boost</string>
<string name="ps_enable_sd_boost">Habilitar/deshabilitar aumento velocidad tarjeta SD</string>
<string name="pt_sd_boost">Valores de lectura</string>

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