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@lcharette lcharette released this
· 283 commits to master since this release
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Changed Requirements

  • PHP 7.3 is now the recommended version, as 7.2 is already security fixes only.

Changed Composer Dependencies

  • Reset Slim version to ^3.12
  • Updated PHPUnit to 8.5 (Version 7.5 still used for PHP 7.1)


  • PHP 7.4 Support & Travis environment.
  • New Locale service. Provides a list of available locales in diffeent form.
  • New BaseServicesProvider abstract class added as base for all ServiceProvider class.
  • Sprinkle Services Provider can now be autoloaded using the $servicesproviders property in the sprinkle bootstrapper class.
  • Current locale code can now be accessed from Twig using the currentLocale global variable ([#1056]).
  • Locale now have config & metadata file ([#850])
  • Added locale:compare, locale:dictionary and locale:info Bakery commands.
  • New cli service. Returns true if current app is a CLI envrionement, false otherwise.


  • Interop\Container\ContainerInterface has been replaced with Psr\Container\ContainerInterface.
  • \UserFrosting\I18n\MessageTranslator is now \UserFrosting\I18n\Translator.
  • Translator service moved to it's own UserFrosting\Sprinkle\Core\I18n\TranslatorServicesProvider class.
  • Travis now uses Xenial instead of Trusty.
  • site.locales.available config now accept (string) identifier => (bool) enabled. Set identifier to false or null to remove it from the list.
  • Locale plural rules moved from the keys file to the new metadata files.


  • When internationalizing, the lang attribute value of the Twig template is not set to follow changes ([#982])
  • pt_Br locale identifier renamed to pt_BR.
  • Improved Docker support ([#1057])
  • Improved Bakery debug command output
  • Improve ordering by activity date ([#1061] & [#1062]; Thanks @ktecho!)
  • Updated Vagrant config and documentation
  • Fixed a bug where withTrashed in findUnique was not available when SoftDeletes trait is not included in a model.
  • CSRF global middleware is not loaded anymore if in a CLI envrionement. This will avoid sessions to be created for bakery and tests by default.
  • Browserified node modules not being correctly loaded.
  • Browserified node modules potentially colliding with real entrypoints.


  • localePathBuilder service removed. Task now handled by the locale and translator services.