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Lesson 1: creating a new page

Learn how to create a new, access-controlled page and add a link to it in the side menu bar.

Lesson 2: processing a form submission

Learn how to submit a form via AJAX, validate the submitted data, manipulate the data model and update user information in the database, and display a success message upon completion.

Lesson 3: extending the data model

Learn how to implement basic CRUD (create, update, view, delete) functionality for your own data models, as well as more advanced functionality, by harnessing the powerful Eloquent ORM.

User-submitted Content

Database migration script

Script for migrating database structure from 0.3.0 to 0.3.1 (thanks @Netrilix).

Video installation tutorial (German language)

A walkthrough for installing UserFrosting 0.3.x, courtesy of Bootstrapaholic.