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Our many faces


It all started with a tweet in April of 2011. The user group scene in Stockholm was exploding with activity. How were you supposed to keep up? What mailing lists did you have to follow. When organizing, how did you make sure there was no other event the same day?

We decided to do something about it. By using the awesome services of Twitter, Google Calendar, Twitterfeed, Google Apps and Github pages we managed to put something useful together in a short time. Enjoy!


We focus on meetups and events by and for developers or other geeks. For instance meetups about programming languages, design and usability or agile development. The main purpose is to strengten the community by encouraging communication and discusssion.

We want to cover as many events as possible, but we decided on some rules.

The event should…

  1. be free of charge. Paying for food/drinks is ok.
  2. not be too commercial. The focus should be on spreading knowledge or discussion, not a sales pitch for some BigCo’s latest product.
  3. be in or near Stockholm.

Rules are made to be broken. If we really like the event and it’s by a non-profit or DIY we might add it anyway (as we did with Agila Sverige).

If you’re unhappy about us not listing events in other parts of Sweden, we encourage you to start your own calendar. We can redirect at anything that seems useful.