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RPCBench is a simple benchmark tool for RabbitMQ(AMQP, STOMP), ZeroMQ, gRPC. For benchmarking RPC using these middleware, RPCBench using following library.


You have to install some libraries which client of RPCBench uses. This explanes the procedure to install them on Ubuntu14.04.

Install some packages

Some packages is needed to prepare following environment (e.g. building libzmq library).

$ sudo apt-get install protobuf-compiler autoconf rabbitmq-server libtool

for gRPC

Here is a procedure to install Ruby gems to benchmark gRPC.

$ git clone
$ cd grpc
$ bundle install

for ZeroMQ

You have to install libzmq which is the library of ZeroMQ. In this document, I'll show the procedure to install it from source code.

$ git clone
$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure; make
$ sudo make install

for RabbitMQ (stomp)

To use rabbitmq-stomp plugin, you have to enable it from rabbitmq-plugins command like following and install Ruby gem of STOMP client.

$ sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_stomp
$ gem install stomp


Now, you have finished groundwork to benchmark using RPCBench. Here is a way to install it.

$ gem install rpc_bench



Here is the usage of server.

Usage: rpc_bench_server [options]
    -m, --mode m                     specify benchmark mode {rabbitmq|rabbitmq-stomp|newtmq|zeromq|grpc} [default: rabbitmq]
    -s, --server s                   specify server to send request
    -p, --port p                     specify port number on which server listens

When you want to benchmark ZeroMQ, you execute rpc_bench_server command with -m zeromq which means 'ZeroMQ server mode'. And the parameter of -p means port number to listen.

$ rpc_bench_server -m zeromq -p 20000


Here is the usage of client.

Usage: rpc_bench_client [options]
    -m, --mode m                     specify benchmark mode {rabbitmq|rabbitmq-stomp|newtmq|zeromq|grpc} [default: rabbitmq]
    -s, --server s                   specify server to send request
    -p, --port p                     specify port number on which server listens
    -c, --concurrency c              specify concurrent level [default: 10]
    -n, --number n                   specify request number per thread [default: 100]

When you want to benchmark ZeroMQ, you do command rpc_benchmark_client command with -m zeromq in the same way. Additionally, you can take some parameters that is -c, --concurrency and -n, --number. The --concurrency means the number of threads to execute the processing to send request to server. And the --number means the number of requests to send request per thread.

$ rpc_bench_client -m zeromq -p 20000 -c 16 -n 50000


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.