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Supporting me and my work will allow me to invest a lot more time into open source development and help the community get the tools they need and deserve. While some things might be really aimed at a specific group of people, I also want to invest in bigger and brother projects.

I have always been someone with a lot of ideas but sometimes lack the time/funds in order to designate enough time to them to make them actually work and then make them open source.

Here are some things I want to work on in Quarter 3 of 2019:

  • Tenancy, allow developers to create SAAS products with a single Laravel installation.
  • Prohemion, is a small project focused on providing open source packages that matter.
  • Secret Project 1, Laravel Package, more details later.

Planned for the future:

  • Nether, an elegant open source email client based on the Laravel PHP Framework.

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Pinned projects

  • tenancy/tenancy

    Run multiple websites using the same Laravel installation while keeping tenant specific data separated for fully independent multi-domain setups.

    PHP 620

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Bring me a cup of ☕️ every now and then to wake up and get some issues answered.

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You understand that I can't always do things in the morning and also need 🍕 for late dinner sometimes to stay up late & get some commits done.

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You just bought me a 🍪, some ☕️ and 🍕 . You'll get an extra personal thank you on my social media (on a monthly basis of course).

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Personal thank you on my social media. Will also be invited to a Discord Server with me & other people who sponsor me to talk about development, business and more!

$100 a month


I can't describe how happy this would make me. I will be really thankful! 😃
Some things you'll also get: One hour call, In-depth insight into the development of new projects, occasional open discussion about ideas/projects I have

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