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Marco Pivetta


I'm Marco, consultant working at @Roave, and maintainer of some of the @doctrine, @psr7-sessions and @zendframework packages.

I do develop and maintain open source in my free time, and I'm trying to increase the effort I put into it by funding my work, which is (hopefully) helping thousands of developers.

While I do love my job as a consultant and developer, I need to get more time into what matters most, and that's the impact of my packages on the wider developer ecosystem. Please consider offering me a tip instead of going for coffee today, and I'll try making open source my main focus.

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Help me get my daily ☕️ - I need it as much as you do

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Companies willing to support should pick this: I will list your name and logo on my home page for the 🗺 to see! 💬

$1000 a month


I will help you and your dev team for a full day every month, if you need me to. ⌨️ pair-programming too!

$4000 a month


I'll get involved with your open-source project of choice part-time.

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