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Stuart Moore


I am one of the core contributors to the dbatools project, where we're trying to make the SQL Server DBAs job easier. I spend a lot of time working on the backup and restore functionality

By sponsoring me you'll be allowing me to spend more time working on dbatools and adding new features in the future. Funds would also be used to attend more Usergroups and Conferences, both to introduce people to the projects but also to get feedback and ideas for taking dbatools even further

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Support me for the price of a coffee and get the warm fuzzies of helping an Open Source project

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Help me out for the cost of a large coffee, the warm fuzzies will be even faster with more caffeine

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Support me for the cost of a lunch and help up free my evenings but not having to make it

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Support me for the cost of a technical book so I can push on with new features.

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Be a totally amazing sponsor and make a big change in how many conferences and usergroups I can attend.

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