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The Phantom Derpstorm


C++ Libraries, Lua, Boost Work, and Standardization Efforts

Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my sponsor page. As a student, my work is dedicated to making the world of C++ better. My biggest and best contribution to the open source world is sol3, a high-performance C++ <-> Lua interop library. I am starting a project on Bit Iterators and range-based bit views and containers in the standard. I also work on the C++ Standards Committee and push proposal and have an interest in Boost libraries, some of which you may be aware of:

Sponsoring work here means you can help support these efforts, and if you give enough even suggest on which things to work on next. Hope to see you out there! ♥


My name is JeanHeyd, but I go by ThePhD online. I'm a student right now in the United States. I've got quite a bit of experience developing software and now I'm taking my skills to various places that need help like libstdc++. I've also identified a lot of pain points in the current C++ standard that could use some serious fixes like Unicode and practical file handling.


I enjoy this a lot. Maybe a tiny bit too much for my own good, really, but creating not only wonderful APIs that are easy to use while retaining maximum performance is a hobby of mine. I have begun to talk about my work and as reality has been sure to brutally inform me, the real world is an expensive place that will happily laser-sear a hole into my wallet. It is not like the low-cost land of generations gone by, and supporting these software libraries and other hard work for 5+ years has made me realize I need to be willing to let others give back to me.

If you would like to see the C++ standard, C++ libraries, and more move forward and if you would like to help shape it by contributing to me and putting interesting problems in my sights, please don't hesitate to sponsor! Every bit of support helps.

Pinned projects

  • ThePhD/sol2

    Sol3 (sol2 v3.0) - a C++ <-> Lua API wrapper with advanced features and top notch performance - is here, and it's great! Documentation:

    C++ 1.7k
  • ThePhD/infoware

    C++ Library for pulling system and hardware information, without hitting the command line.

    C++ 100
  • ThePhD/phd

    A collection of useful things; sometimes proofs of concepts, sometimes production-ready code.

    C++ 9
  • ThePhD/lua-bindings-shootout

    Benchmarking as many bindings as I can using CMake and other cross-platform tools

    C++ 6
  • ThePhD/future_cxx

    Work done today for the glory of tomorrow - or, C++ papers.

    HTML 6

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Thank you! Every little bit helps! 💚

$5 a month


Thank you for considering this tier! You'll get a neat little sponsor badge for this tier. The support goes a long way in making sure I can feed myself during conferences 🥡 and while I'm at school 🏫!

$10 a month


A wonderful way to help me! At this level, you can 1️⃣ have your name placed in the README of a repository / Acknowledgements of a proposal of your choosing (or in a similar space). This is a one-time use: choose wisely! 📜

$25 a month


Lovely choice of support! This level of support means you get everything in the 1️⃣ $10 tier, but in a renewable fashion! You may specify multiple repositories and multiple proposals / libraries, and have my thanks to you grafted into that for all eternity. 📜🖋️

$50 a month


Amazing! This is the level of support for more eager individuals. Included is the 1️⃣ $10 tier and 2️⃣ the ability to tell me to focus my efforts on a particular thing on my plate: for example, a specific issue request in sol2, a certain library feature, work on a proposal, etc. It will receive at least one day's worth of my programming efforts, if not more! One-time use.

$100 a month


Oooh là là! For those with spare cash and a dream, this is essentially the 1️⃣ $50 reward, but recurs monthly. You can put one of my current issue requests, designs, project, proposals or similar to the absolute forefront, once per month! It will receive at least one day's worth of my programming efforts, if not more!

$250 a month


This tier is for when you need direct, hands-on support for you or your codebase, open source or otherwise. You get: 1️⃣ 2 hours of support to use however you see fit on a project, application, or similar per month. In this time I will spend time on your project with you, help go over design, tell you up-front about potential performance tradeoffs for your system, and more.

$500 a month


This is a premium tier wherein you receive support for sol2 and my work, including: 1️⃣ custom-programmed and tailored binding solutions forked from sol2 fit your domain (e,g, specialized usertype solutions (space-saving read-only, custom lookup); and, 2️⃣ 4 hours of direct support a month.

If you need something more robust, send me an e-mail 📧!

$1000 a month


This is a premium tier for those that have observed my work and want to make a much more serious contribution. You will receive 1️⃣ a custom consulting solution for any relevant project; and, 2️⃣ 6 hours of direct consulting a month. Custom solutions are subject to my skills and discretion (e.g., at this time I cannot work on your COBOL mainframe, as lovely as that might be). We can discuss what that means to you and what your needs are!

$2500 a month


This is a premium tier for entities that have seen my work (C++ and otherwise) and want a high quality solution delivered for their project or product. I will work directly with you for whatever your consulting needs happen to be, subject to my skills and availability. Send a message!

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