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Chinedu Francis Nwafili


My three main focuses are

  • Breaking down complex graphics programming concepts into interactive, beginner-friendly tutorials.

  • Writing easy-to-install and easy-to-use tooling for 3D graphics programming pipelines.

  • Making it easy and ergonomic to write front-end web browser applications in Rust.

If any of these are things that you're interested in - join the parade!

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$4 a month


You might be interested in seeing more frequent interactive graphics programming tutorials covering a wider range of concepts.

Or you might be interested in seeing consistent improvements to some of my existing open source work.

Or you might love 3D graphics programming and/or Rust and want to help support the journey.


$15 a month


You're an individual or small company using some of my work in production and your project would stand to benefit from continued high-quality improvements.


$100 a month


You're a mid-sized or larger company that has one or more important products depending on my work.

$100 / month is a rounding error in your neck of the woods.

You're happy to invest in more high-quality improvements for your underlying libraries.


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