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Become a sponsor to claui

Claudia Pellegrino


Free and open-source software plays a big part in our lives.
Sign up and become a sponsor for Claudia on GitHub today to support her work!

What’s in it for me?

  1. Make a difference. Sponsoring your favorite open source maintainers is an excellent way to give back to your favorite project.

  2. Be heard. Becoming a sponsor confirms that my work really matters to you, and will grant you some control over how I prioritize my work.

  3. Keep it alive. Sponsorship helps your favorite projects to continue being maintained, and thus your personal and professional workflows to live longer.

  4. Less bureaucracy. At your workplace, contributing to GitHub is not always possible due to licensing and trade secrets. Becoming a sponsor takes less time than hour-long discussions with legal.

  5. Cancel anytime. End your sponsorship anytime you like – no questions asked.

Who are you, and why do you do this?

I’m Claudia, software developer and open-source fan based in Darmstadt, Germany. I’m into all things macOS. Nice to meet you!

I’ve joined GitHub Sponsors because I feel it will give users and maintainers that “I wish this had existed years ago” feeling.

What if I choose not to sponsor you?

I may be a little more selective when prioritizing tasks. But be sure I’m still going to treat you as the first-class GitHub citizen you are.

Why sponsor you (and not someone else)?

I’m sure thousands of people deserve your sponsorship.

My suggestion is that you start sponsoring someone right now. As the GitHub Sponsors feature gains traction, pick your favorite people later as they become available.

Ethics, transparency, and disclosure

Any sponsorship means a possible conflict of interest. Regarding my work on Homebrew, I’ve decided that your sponsorship can’t influence any decision or action I may take in my function as a Homebrew maintainer.

This means that while on

  • I will do my best to answer your questions or help with technical issues as time allows.

  • I will not help get your formula or cask merged if, for example, your software is not notable enough.

  • I may privately disclose to other Homebrew maintainers the fact that you’re sponsoring me (unless you’ve set your sponsorship to Private, which I will respect). In any case, I’ll never disclose the amount or tier.

On other repositories (e. g. your private tap), the last two restrictions mentioned don’t apply.

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Select a tier

$3 a month


YOU ROCK – You’ll receive a Sponsor badge on your profile, plus I’ll be grateful that you support my open-source work.

$8 a month


OCTO-EYES – GitHub issues and pull requests will have my guaranteed attention if you ping or mention me.
Response time may vary.

$10 a month


NANOBREWERY – I write and maintain your favorite Homebrew formula in a custom tap. Great if you or your team needs some custom modification or non-standard build option, or if Homebrew has rejected your formula. Ballpark: 1× new formula or cask/yr, 10× releases/yr, 2 hours/yr, unlimited use

$15 a month


BROWN-BAG LAUNCH AGENT – I write and maintain that one small automated background task you’ve always wanted for your Mac. Includes source code. Ballpark: 1× custom macOS launch daemon or agent/yr, personal use, includes fixes if it breaks due to changes in macOS

$19 a month


APPLE OF MY EYE – Everything from the Octo-eyes tier, plus I will look into your macOS-related questions on and write an answer or comment on a best-effort basis. Ping me for each question. Ballpark: 20 questions/yr, response time may vary.

$20 a month


SILVER-BAG LAUNCH AGENT – Everything from the brown bag, plus matching private Homebrew formula or cask for zero-effort installation and upgrading. Ballpark: 1× custom macOS launch daemon or agent/yr, personal use

$40 a month


MICROBREWERY – I build and maintain a custom Homebrew tap for you or your organization. Includes more formulas and casks than the Nanobrewery tier. Ballpark: 5× new formula or cask/yr, 40× releases/yr, 5 hours/yr

$50 a month


ALUMINUM-BAG LAUNCH AGENT – Everything from the silver bag but also allows commercial/workplace use. Includes source code and unlimited bugfixes. Ballpark: 1× custom macOS launch daemon or agent/yr, unlimited use, unlimited fixes

$100 a month


UNOBTAINIUM-BAG LAUNCH AGENT – Everything from the aluminum bag but allows for more complex tasks. Includes a number of feature additions and change requests. Ballpark: 1× custom macOS launch daemon or agent/yr (complex task), unlimited use, 10 hours/yr for feature additions and change requests

$150 a month


MEGABREWERY – I maintain a custom Homebrew tap for you or your organization. Includes more formulas and casks than the Microbrewery tier, plus custom bottles for all formulas and a response within 24 hours. Ballpark: 10× new formula or cask/yr, 100× releases/yr, 15 hours/yr

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