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Gregor Martynus


🙋‍♂️Hi, I’m Gregor, I work on Open Source for 10+ years. These are the projects that I currently focus on

  1. nockthe Node.js mocking library. Objective is to modernise the code base, revitalise the community and browser support
  2. semantic-release – automate releases. Objective is to make semantic-release compatible with GitHub Actions and usable for all projects, not just Node.js
  3. Support independent open source projects and non-profit organizations with code workflow automation.

As part of my day job, I am also one of the maintainers at Octokit, a set open source libraries for GitHub’s APIs.

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I am not seeking financial support for my Open Source work. But I do raise funds for And thanks to GitHub’s Sponsors Matching fund (, each $ you sponsor becomes $2 for them, up to $5000 in the first year.

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Same as the $5 tier, plus I’ll thank you for your sponsorship on Twitter:

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Same as the $100 tier, plus you are awesome!

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