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Sean Griffin


Hi, I'm Sean

I co-lead the team that manages, the package repository for the Rust programming language. I'm also the person who gets woken up at 3 AM if the service goes down. I created Diesel, an ORM and query builder for Rust. Each week I co-host The Yak Shave, a podcast about development. I also am one of the all time top contributors to Ruby on Rails.

In 2019, I decided to devote as much time as possible to and the Rust organization. The language is at a critical point in its development, and I think I'm in a position where I can really help to make sure it succeeds long term.

The problem is that working on MIT/Apache licensed software doesn't exactly help pay the bills. That's why I'm asking for your help. With your donations, I'll be able to continue to devote my time to these projects, and create more open source software for you to use in your own projects.

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$1 a month


Every little bit helps, and you'll get my thanks for whatever you can give

$5 a month


You will receive a Sponsor badge on your profile

$10 a month


This will get you additional access to myself and a community of like-minded folks and early access to what I'm working on. This will get you into a private Discord where I'm available for help with any projects I maintain, or general programming advice.

1️⃣Access to a private discord channel
2️⃣Priority support for any projects I maintain
3️⃣Early access to episodes of The Yak Shave (when editing time allows)

$25 a month


You're amazing and deserve a shout out!

1️⃣All benefits from lower tiers
2️⃣I will give you a shout out on Twitter

$50 a month


You're even more amazing and deserve a vocal shout out!

1️⃣All benefits from lower tiers
2️⃣You get a shout out on an episode of The Yak Shave

$1000 a month


You've seen my work and would like me to get more involved in whatever your company is doing. At this tier you will get up to a half day of my time as a consultant for whatever you'd like, open source or not.

1️⃣All benefits from previous tiers
2️⃣4 hours per month of consulting

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