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Damian Dulisz


Hi there! I’m Damian, thank you for visiting this page!
I’m a JavaScript developer and a member of the Vue.js Core Team.

I started the official weekly Vue.js Newsletter (now also available online and in podcast form at back in 2016 and I have been running it ever since delivering more than 140 issues.

Besides the news, I’m occasionally helping with other Vue projects, like the official docs. I also co-organised the first European VueConf back in 2017 and helped put the the first Vue.js Sprint to life.

I’m also running a series of Vue meetups in different cities in Poland under the Vue.js Poland brand.

I also created and now maintain several open-source libraries for Vue:

Planning to start a blog on Vue’s best practices for building components, tricks and design patterns.

If you enjoy the newsletter, use and like one of the above libraries that I started or maybe I helped you in some other way and you would like to say thanks, please consider leaving a small donation! 😍

— Damian

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You will receive a Sponsor badge on your profile. I will receive a big cup of coffee ☕️ and know that I love my coffee! 🖤

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This gets me a delicious bowl of curry 🍛 and a coffee! 💛
If you play Hearthstone, you can try beating my Shaman. 😅 And of course, you get the Sponsor badge!

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All of the above and if I happen to be nearby (during a conference for example), I’d love to have lunch together. 🍣

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All of the above and I will also list your name on a "Thank You" slide in all my future presentations. 🙌

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🥉Bronze Sponsor – All of the above and I will add your name with a small logo on the top of the README on Vue-Multiselect, Vuelidate, Vue-Global-Events and repos.
I will also add your logo on the bottom of the Vue-Multiselect and Vuelidate docs, as well as
I will also add a small logo on a "Thank You" slide in all my future presentations.

$250 a month


🥈 Silver Sponsor – All of the above, but I will use a medium-sized logo with a link to your website + a one time "thank you" mention in the Vue Newsletter.

I will also add your logo with a link in the footer part of every new newsletter issue in the Sponsors section.

$500 a month


🥇 Gold Sponsor – All of the above but with a bigger logo. We can also schedule one video chat per month to help you with ~Vue issues or do a pair programming session.

If applicable we can work on doing some product placement by adding some of your product information somewhere inside the Multiselect docs. For example: listing your product features as a way to present the slots functionality of the component. 🕶

You also receive 1 sponsored link in the newsletter per month, located between the News and Articles sections.

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