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Vaidehi Joshi


Hey there! 👋 Thanks for stopping by my sponsorship page.

My name is Vaidehi. I'm an engineer, writer, and teacher. As someone who entered into tech with a non-traditional background, I actively work towards making our industry more inclusive, welcoming, and friendly! My favorite way of doing this is by creating approachable technical resources that people at any skill level can use to help fill in the gaps in their own knowledge. 🙂

What I create

All of my work is technical and mostly language agnostic. I really enjoy including hand-drawn illustrations to make my content more accessible. Here is some of my work you might have seen around town:

  • basecs, a writing series that uncovered a new computer science topic every week, for a year
  • the base.cs podcast, the audio version of the writing series, which I host with @sarony
  • the BaseCS video series, the video version of the writing series, created in collaboration with the DEV team
  • technical tuesdays, a writing series focused mostly on Ruby and Rails
  • baseds, a writing series that is currently exploring a new distributed system topic every week, for a year

Why support me

In order to make technical concepts as accessible as possible, I have made all of my content free. I do this so that underrepresented individuals in our industry have the opportunity to access high quality content without having to break their wallets. When I was trying to learn how to code and even when I was teaching myself computer science, I had a hard time finding online resources that was accessible but also free. Many students, career-changers, and people around the world cannot find (or sometimes, cannot afford) high quality technical resources, but I believe that these types of resources should be available to anyone who wants to learn.

To that end, all of the content that I have created has always been free. I do not believe in gatekeeping knowledge behind a paywall, so I have only collaborated with people and organizations who align with me on these core values. By supporting me, you are helping fund the time I spend in creating these beautiful resources while also ensuring that the people who really need access to them aren't left behind on their learning journeys.

Pinned projects

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$2 a month


Thank you! 💛This tier is the smallest, but every little bit helps!

$5 a month


Yay! 🎨This tier helps offset the cost of new pens and notebooks that I have purchased to create those pretty hand-drawn illustrations in my series and videos

$10 a month


Oooh! 📬Thank you, this is very generous! Not only are you making it possible for me to fund my drawings, but you're also making it easier for me to spend even more of my time researching and writing about new topics (for example, distributed systems!) At this tier, you'll receive a custom, hand-drawn postcard from me.

$15 a month


Wow! 💌Thank you so much. In this tier, you'll receive a custom, hand-drawn postcard from me, and I'll also draw and send a custom postcard to any person of your choice (could make for a fun gift!).

$25 a month


So nice! 🤗At this tier, you'll get a special thank you call out on the NEW basecs website that highlights your financial support. I'll be showcasing those people who have made it possible for me to spend my time helping develop technical content, and you'll be highlighted as one of them! Of course, you'll also get a hand-drawn postcard from me, and I'll send one to a friend, too!

$40 a month


Oh my goodness! 😍Thank you. This tier is for those people who have some spare change and want to pay it forward. If my work has helped you in any way, this tier is a great way of showcasing that. At this tier, you get everything that you get at the $25 tier, plus a special handwritten thank you note from me.

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