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Kat Marchán


Hi! My name's Kat and I've been an engineer on the npm CLI since 2015, and the CLI and Community Architect at npm since 2018. I've also done a bunch of community and D&I work outside of that, along with more non-npm open source!

What I've Done

What I'm Working On

  • Still working on npm, and particularly tink.
  • I admin WeAllJS and and help keep them happy, healthy, inclusive communities.
  • I'm getting involved with the Rust ecosystem, and already started writing libraries like ssri, and cacache. I'm looking forward to doing more for the Rust community as I keep learning the language and getting involved with various efforts! Maybe with Cargo?
  • I'm still a member of TC39! I look forward to helping JavaScript grow!
  • I participate in communities, providing mentorship and advice in relevant areas of expertise.

What Sponsorship Does

Aside from what the tiers get you, sponsoring me enables me to keep finding ways to contribute to communities, both in code/tools, and in community work, and it helps me justify spending time on this outside of the scope of my day job!

Pinned projects

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$5 a month


Taco Tier 🌮 | This gets me a taco at my favorite taco place! Thank you! It also gets you a sponsor 🎖 badge on your profile, and access to my (monthly?) update emails with exclusive news, programming and community thoughts, and other yet-to-be-public open source goodness, including early access previews of tools and libraries I might be working on!

$10 a month


Burrito Tier 🌯 | This actually gets me a *burrito* at my favorite taco place. It also gets *you* code review on a (reasonable) PR on an open source project! This tier gives you access to an exclusive private repo with an archive of previous update emails, and various other exclusive goodies I'm gonna share with y'all!

$20 a month


Bay Area Burger Tier 🍔 | Yes, literally what a burger costs out here. *You* get a review of a conference talk and some advice on delivering it!

$50 a month


Dinner For Two 👯‍♀️ | This is a dinner for me and my partner! Yay! *You* get a monthly half-hour-long phone or video call where you get to chat with me about whatever you want related to your career, open source, the projects I work on, or other stuff like that! I'm open to ideas!

$150 a month


Fancy Restaurant Tier 👩🏽‍🍳 | I don't actually know what you'd want for this much, but I'm open to ideas! You also get all the previous tier rewards!

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