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Official BugTracker for the UserStatic CDN Platform.
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Welcome to the official UserStatic BugTracker

The BugTracker gives you the opportunity to report bugs to the development team. Your report will then receive a unique identification number and our developers can contact you if they have any further questions or have made any progress.

The categorization of bugs also makes it possible to distinguish between important and unimportant issues. Critical security gaps and other critical errors do not disappear and it contributes to a lasting guarantee of security.

Once you have found a bug in our system, please do not hesitate to report it. Only with your help can we improve and optimize our platform for all users sustainably.

But this bug tracker is not only there to organize bugs and errors, it also serves as a feature request collector. This allows you to tell us what features you need to improve and optimize your workflow. So no matter if you want to report a bug or want to create a feature request, we look forward to your feedback and collaboration.

Getting started

If you want to report a bug or make a feature request, you can get started very easily.

1. Please choose below if you want to report a bug or if you want to submit a feature request.

2. Fill out the bug report or feature request form as detailed as possible.

The more information you provide about your problem, the better our developers can help you. Therefore, always pay attention to a large amount of detail.

3. You're good to go.

Press submit and our developers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Security related issue

If you have found a security vulnerability, please contact us via and the subject "UserStatic Security Issue - Your Issue Title".

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