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Jetty and Servlets

These demos illustrate basic concepts related to embedded Jetty and servlets in Java.

Jetty Setup

To add Jetty as a user library in Eclipse, you will need the aggregate jar files located at the following links:

Look for the latest 9.x release. The directory is sorted lexicographically not numerically (e.g. by text not number), so version numbers like 9.4.22 will appear before version numbers like 4.4.3 even though it is a later version.

💡 You no longer need to download the servlet jar files separately---they now come bundled in the jetty-all jar file.

You may also want to consider the Apache Commons Text library, which has several useful utilities. You need the Apache Commons Lang library as well:

See the Adding User Party Libraries in Eclipse guide for details.

Relevant Resources

The following API documentation may be useful:

The following pre-recorded videos may be useful:

The following other websites might be useful:

CSS Frameworks

BulmaBootstrapPureMaterializeFoundationSemantic UIand many more

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