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A CSW client for ArcMap. This add-in allows a CSW catalog to be searched from within ArcMap, and allows the user to add some types of services directly to their working map.

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ArcMap CSW Client

This AddIn for ArcMap allows the user to search several Catalog Services for the Web (CSW) from within ArcMap. Four catalogs can be searched:

  • USGIN Catalog
  • OneGeology Portal
  • Catalog
  • NGDS Catalog

Metadata for found resources can be easily viewed from within the AddIn and resources published as Web Map Services (WMS) can be added directly to the working map.


  1. Find the file CSWClient.esriAddIn in the CSWClient/bin/Debug folder. (If using GitHub open the file and click the Raw button to download only this file.)
  2. Save CSWClient.esriAddIn to your computer in a location of your choosing.
  3. Double-click CSWClient.esriAddIn
  4. Click Install Add-In
  5. In ArcMap, click Customize
  6. Select Customize Mode…
  7. Select the Commands tab
  8. Under Add-In Controls select the CSW Client
  9. Drag the CSW Client button to a toolbar
  10. Click Close


  1. Click the CSW Client button on the toolbar
  2. In the drop-down menu select the catalog that you would like to search:
  1. Enter a search term in the text box and select from the drop-down menu if you'd like to search for the term in AnyText, the Title or the Abstract of the CSW records.
  2. Select additional options:
  • WMS: Search only for datasets that are web map services
  • Live Data: Search only for datasets that are live (USGIN Catalog only)
  • Use Current Extent: Search only for datasets whose bounding box overlaps the current extent of the map
  1. Click the Search button
  2. Results will appear in the box below. Only 15 results are displayed at a time. Use the arrows at the top of the box to see more results.
  3. Click on a search result and its Abstract will appear below.
  4. Click on the Metadata button and new window will pop-up with the metadata for the record.
  5. Click on the Add button (if available) to add the dataset to the map.

Development Setup

Prerequisties: ArcObjects SDK (from the ArcGIS installation disc) and Visual Studio

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Open the project by double-clicking CSWClient.sln
  3. Configure a Debug session to open ArcMap automatically
  • In the Solution Explorer panel right click ncgmpToolbar
  • Under Debug, select Start Action, Start external program
  • Browse to the ArcMap executable
  1. Run Build, Clean Solution (This will clear the /bin/Debug folder)
  2. Click Debug, Start Debugging (This will build the CSWClient.esriAddIn in the /bin/Debug folder)

API documentation

ArcGISAddinDWin Class

The dockable window components (e.g. combobox, listbox ...) are defined in this class

  • Click 'Search' button:
    • begin search
      • trigger btnSearch_Click function
  • Click 'Add' button:
    • add the layer onto ArcMap
    • trigger btnAdd_Click function
  • Click 'Metadata' button:
    • display metadata info for the selected record
    • trigger btnMetaDoc_Click function

CSWSearch Class

Send search request and get response

Uri cswUri = new Uri(strCatalogUrl);
HttpWebRequest cswRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(cswUri);
HttpWebResponse cswResponse = (HttpWebResponse)cswRequest.GetResponse();	

PostDataCriteria Class

Define what kinds of info should be provided for request

CreatePostData Class

Generate a string for POST request

CreatePostData pPostData = new CreatePostData();
strPostDa = pPostData.PostData;

ParseCswResponse Class

Parse the response and return a list of service names

ParseCswResponse cPCswRp = new ParseCswResponse();
cPCswRp.ResponseTxt = strResponseTxt;

GetCapabilitiesTest Class

Validate services using fgdc validator

private Boolean TestUrl(string url)
    GetCapabilitiesTest cTest = new GetCapabilitiesTest();
    return cTest.IsWms(url);

ServiceOpener Class

Add the wms/ArcGIS Rest layer into the map

private ServiceOpener cSvcOpener = new ServiceOpener();

FormViewMetadata Class

Display the metadata info for the selected item

FormViewMetadata pFrmViewMetadata = new FormViewMetadata();
pFrmViewMetadata.Text = lboxResults.SelectedItem.ToString();
switch (cboCatalog.SelectedIndex)
    case 0:


A CSW client for ArcMap. This add-in allows a CSW catalog to be searched from within ArcMap, and allows the user to add some types of services directly to their working map.



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