rss feed documentation for govinfo content and metadata
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rss feed documentation for govinfo content and metadata

In addition to our forthcoming sitemaps implementation for govinfo, GPO provides govinfo users with easy access to notifications when new content is made available through RSS feeds. We currently have feeds available for each collection, as well as separate feeds for bulk data collections and individual feeds for each court in our USCOURTS collection.

Our RSS feeds currently provide notice for new as well as updated versions of content. From time to time, when we need to do reprocessing of large volumes of content, we may suspend the notifications of updates for an individual collection, but we will notify users of this through this repository. In this case, it may be useful to review our sitemaps repository.

OPML files are also available for easy subscription to all of the feeds or a set of feeds based on category.

WebSub support is on our future roadmap.