How to use FDsys and govinfo sitemaps to crawl for content and metadata
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In December 2018, the FDsys website including the FDsys Bulk Data Repository, FDsys Sitemaps, and the FDsys Link Service will be retired. Please migrate tools and processes to govinfo.


Sitemaps can be used to crawl and harvest content from FDsys and are available from and

More information about GPO's sitemap implementation is available at

For example, sitemaps can be used to facilitate access to House legislative measures using predictable URLs over HTTP. The sitemap file for Congressional bills from 2012 is available at

Within the sitemap, the location of the "More Information" page for each bill is specified in the element.



Content and metadata for each bill can be harvested from FDsys by creating predictable URLS with information that is derived from the element within FDsys XML sitemaps. All content and metadata files are also contained within a ZIP file.


Additional metadata is displayed on the UI for granule-level More Information pages. Users are able to access the granule-level pages from the FDsys UI, but the sitemap points to package-level More Information pages. In order to obtain metadata, we recommend using the MODS XML metadata file. The MODS XML metadata file can be accessed directly using the pattern below and it is also contained within the ZIP file.


More Information page and Content Detail page are two names for the same UI HTML page. The term Content Detail apppears in the file name while links on the UI use the term More Information.

govinfo sitemaps

GPO is pleased to release sitemaps for govinfo. These sitemaps are functionally similar to the existing FDsys sitemaps, though the structure has been streamlined to make it easier to track updates to specific collections.

Where FDsys had a sitemap_year/year_collection_sitemap.xml format, govinfo provides each sitemap at the collection_year level more directly.

Please provide feedback on this repository as we seek to make the govinfo sitemaps more useful to all of our users.

govinfo sitemaps provide direct access to the details pages, where the different formats of content and metadata may be downloaded, including through the use of the package-level mods.xml file, located at{accessID}/mods.xml.


The mods.xml file for the sample sitemap entry may be found at: