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ESPA-PRODUCT_FORMATTER Version 1.16.0 Release Notes

Release Date: November 2018

The product formatter project contains libraries and tools for working with the ESPA internal file format (raw binary with an XML metadata file). It currently supports Landsat 4-8.

Support Information

This project is unsupported software provided by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Land Satellite Data Systems (LSDS) Project. For questions regarding products produced by this source code, please contact us at


This software is preliminary or provisional and is subject to revision. It is being provided to meet the need for timely best science. The software has not received final approval by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). No warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the USGS or the U.S. Government as to the functionality of the software and related material nor shall the fact of release constitute any such warranty. The software is provided on the condition that neither the USGS nor the U.S. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from the authorized or unauthorized use of the software.


espa-product-formatter source code

git clone

See git tag [version_1.16.0]


NOTE: The HDF-EOS2 link currently provides the source for the HDF4, JPEG, and ZLIB libraries in addition to the HDF-EOS2 library.


  • Install dependent libraries. Many of these come standard with the Linux distribution.
  • Set up environment variables. Can create an environment shell file or add the following to your bash shell. For C shell, use 'setenv VAR "directory"'. Note: If the HDF library was configured and built with szip support, then the user will also need to add an environment variable for SZIP include (SZIPINC) and library (SZIPLIB) files.
  export HDFEOS_GCTPINC="path_to_HDF-EOS_GCTP_include_files"
  export HDFEOS_GCTPLIB="path_to_HDF-EOS_GCTP_libraries"
  export TIFFINC="path_to_TIFF_include_files"
  export TIFFLIB="path_to_TIFF_libraries"
  export GEOTIFF_INC="path_to_GEOTIFF_include_files"
  export GEOTIFF_LIB="path_to_GEOTIFF_libraries"
  export HDFINC="path_to_HDF4_include_files"
  export HDFLIB="path_to_HDF4_libraries"
  export HDF5INC="path_to_HDF5_include_files"
  export HDF5LIB="path_to_HDF5_libraries"
  export HDFEOS_INC="path_to_HDFEOS2_include_files"
  export HDFEOS_LIB="path_to_HDFEOS2_libraries"
  export HDFEOS5_LIB="path_to_HDFEOS5_libraries"
  export HDFEOS5_INC="path_to_HDFEOS5_include_files"
  export NCDF4INC="path_to_NETCDF_include_files"
  export NCDF4LIB="path_to_NETCDF_libraries"
  export JPEGINC="path_to_JPEG_include_files"
  export JPEGLIB="path_to_JPEG_libraries"
  export XML2INC="path_to_XML2_include_files"
  export XML2LIB="path_to_XML2_libraries"
  export JBIGINC="path_to_JBIG_include_files"
  export JBIGLIB="path_to_JBIG_libraries"
  export ZLIBINC="path_to_ZLIB_include_files"
  export ZLIBLIB="path_to_ZLIB_libraries"    
  export SZIPINC="path_to_SZIP_include_files"
  export SZIPLIB="path_to_SZIP_libraries"    
  export CURLINC="path_to_CURL_include_files"
  export CURLLIB="path_to_CURL_libraries"
  export LZMAINC="path_to_LZMA_include_files"
  export LZMALIB="path_to_LZMA_libraries"
  export IDNINC="path_to_IDN_include_files"
  export IDNLIB="path_to_IDN_libraries"
  export ESPAINC="path_to_format_converter_raw_binary_include_directory"
  export ESPALIB="path_to_format_converter_raw_binary_lib_directory"

Define $PREFIX to point to the directory in which you want the executables, static data, etc. to be installed.

  export PREFIX="path_to_directory_for_format_converter_build_data"
  export ESPA_LAND_MASS_POLYGON=$PREFIX/static_data/land_no_buf.ply
  • Install ESPA product formatter libraries and tools by downloading the source from Downloads above. Goto the src/raw_binary directory and build the source code there. ESPAINC and ESPALIB above refer to the include and lib directories created by building this source code using make followed by make install. The ESPA raw binary conversion tools will be located in the $PREFIX/bin directory.

    Note: if the HDF library was configured and built with szip support, then the user will also need to add "-L$(SZIPLIB) -lsz" at the end of the library defines in the Makefiles. The user should also add "-I$(SZIPINC)" to the include directory defines in the Makefile.

    Note: on some platforms, the JBIG library may be needed for the XML library support, if it isn't already installed. If so, then the JBIGLIB environment variable needs to point to the location of the JBIG library.

Linking these libraries for other applications

The following is an example of how to link these libraries into your source code. Depending on your needs, some of these libraries may not be needed for your application or other espa product formatter libraries may need to be added.

 -L$(ESPALIB) -l_espa_format_conversion -l_espa_raw_binary -l_espa_common \
 -L$(XML2LIB) -lxml2 \
 -L$(HDFEOS_LIB) -lhdfeos -L$(HDFEOS_GCTPLIB) -lGctp \
 -L$(HDFLIB) -lmfhdf -ldf -L$(JPEGLIB) -ljpeg -L$(JBIGLIB) -ljbig \
 -L$(ZLIBLIB) -lz \
 -L$(LZMALIB) -llzma -lm
 -L$(ESPALIB) -l_espa_format_conversion -l_espa_raw_binary -l_espa_common \
 -L$(XML2LIB) -lxml2 \
 -L$(HDFEOS5_LIB) -lhe5_hdfeos -lGctp \
 -L$(HDF5LIB) -lhdf5 -lhdf5_hl \
 -L$(ZLIBLIB) -lz \
 -L$(LZMALIB) -llzma -lm

Verification Data

User Manual

Product Guide

Release Notes

  • Modified to support MODIS (verify support for MOD09GA).
  • Added support for VIIRS VNP09GA surface reflectance products. Only the 500m image bands are ingested (SurfReflect_I1_1, SurfReflect_I2_1, SurfReflect_I3_1). NOTE: This update requires HDF5 and HDF-EOS5 for reading the VIIRS products.
  • Expanded the K1 and K2 thermal constants to be written to the XML file with 4 decimal digits versus 2 decimal digits