ANSS Quakeml Catalog Extension

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ANSS Quakeml Catalog Extension


Last updated: 2013-03-12

Quakeml does not standardize how to identify different versions of the same information. ANSS’s approach to handle this short coming is to extend QuakeML, adding attributes where needed.

Extending QuakeML was chosen over embedding the needed information in quakeML element publicID string because different quakeml generators had incompatible needs for the publicID string. For example, some applications needed to map to database tables, while others need web service URI’s in the publicID.



All attribute values are handled case-insensitively, although should be sent using lower-case.


The author of information being sent. Usually a 2 character FDSN network code.


Unique, alpha-numeric data identfier from the datasource.

The same dataid from the same datasource indicates different versions of the same information.


The author of the event to which information is associated.


Unique, alpha-numeric event identifier from the eventsource.

The same eventid from the same eventsource indicates the same event. A different eventid from the same eventsource indicates a different event, regardless of how close in space and time.


Catalog Extension XML Schema


Catalog attributes appear on the following elements:

  • "event" (required)
  • "focalMechanism" (recommended)
  • "origin" (optional)
  • "magnitude" (optional)


<event publicID="" catalog:datasource="ci" catalog:eventsource="ci" catalog:eventid="71020310">

<focalMechanism publicID="quakeml:lamont/focalMechanism/201205241234" catalog:datasource="ld" catalog:dataid="usb0006hju_mwc">

See ANSS Quakeml Standards for more information.