ANSS Quakeml Standards Working Group Project Brief

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QuakeML Project Brief

Business Case

Earthquake parametric data and products have evolved from simple origin products to more complex and larger files. Therefore, the standards to exchange the parametric data also must change. The format needs to be able to support an increased number of content fields, different types of content, and be flexible to add new products. EIDS is not sufficient to exchange larger products. The community had been working on defining an xml standard known as QuakeML. Until the standards were mature enough, the USGS developed EQxml as a temporary measure. Now QuakeML has made enough progress to where the USGS can adopt this format. Output

-Standards for the use of QuakeML to exchange parametric data between ANSS networks, IRIS and other international partners (e.g. EMSC). The standards will define: ID conventions, versioning, minimum required data for each product, product management (e.g. delete, update) and station nomenclature. -A repository for documentation and code to foster an open source (or collaborative) paradigm across the groups involved in this effort Outcome

-A uniform ANSS standard for seismic parametric data that allows for the addition of new products and gives us a common framework to make it easier to exchange and present data.

Constraints and Assumption

We would assume the use of FDSN nomenclature until the ADSL is the accepted standard. We assume all partners want to contribute to and abide by the standards


The international QuakeML working group has been stalled on version 1.2 since 2008. There are problems with proposed changes and no action from the group. We can still submit our recommendations to the group and try to engage them.
The QuakeML standards will not be adopted across all partners Engaging partners early on to account for varying needs QuakeML was not written to accept a variety of different “products” as we defined them. We will need to extend QuakeML to fit this purpose. QuakeML does not have sufficient support for catalog needs (e.g. identifying data for association across several organizations) We will need to extend QuakeML to fit this purpose.


Time: There are no hard deadlines, but there will be no phase data exchanged until QuakeML is adopted. Budget: We have no additional resources for this project so we will need to make efficient use of our existing staff Scope: The primary goal is to lead the adoption of QuakeML to ANSS partners and to make our use of it available to other users via the QuakeML community.



AQMS, PDL, Hydra, EHP and other Websites


ANSS networks, IRIS, International Networks (EMSC)


We propose to use an agile/ scrum approach where we focus on solving specific user stories with a dedicated team. We would appoint a product owner who would be responsible in making sure the stakeholders are represented and informed. The team would be empowered by the project board to make decisions and implement them.

The team currently consists of USGS GHSC and representative for Northern and Southern California. These groups have developers on staff who can make the changes to their systems to produce QuakeML and have products beyond origins and magnitudes to exchange. We have also included a representative from Reno to involve the antelope community.

This group will decide on conventions such as where the versioning info is stored and how to include ANSS specific information. Once we have had a successful implementation of QuakeML format with these partners, we can share the findings with other ANSS partners. Pete Lombard should make the necessary changes to AQMS system that can be rolled out to the rest of ANSS accordingly.

The QuakeML format standards will then be shared with the larger QuakeML community. Our developers are already participating in the QuakeML community via email lists and collaborating with organizations such as IRIS.

A GitHub site has already been established to share documentation. This site is open to the public so we can accept feedback from groups outside USGS as well.

Once the standards have been implemented, changes can be made to dependent systems that produce QuakeML, PDL to consume QuakeML, and the web to present QuakeML.

Determine how station nomenclature will be handled in QuakeML. Prior to this ANSS station nomenclature standards need to be defined. QuakeML readily accommodates an FDSN naming approach (e.g. station, network, componet, location), however a mapping to Agency Deployment Station Location (ADSL) is not as straightforward and may require an extension.


May 2012 : Git hub site established, conference calls with CA developers June/July 2012: CA developers begin sending QuakeML Messages August/September: Changes to the web to ingest and display QuakeML September 2012: ANSS invited to start sending QuakeML

Product Owner

Lynda Lastowka - GHSC

Project Team

Michelle Guy, Jeremy Fee, Eddie Hunter - GHSC Doug Neuhauser, Pete Lombard - UCB Ellen Yu, Aparna Bhaskaran, Sheng-Lin Chen- CalTech, Gabe Plank - UNR


Chad Trabant - IRIS

Project Board

David Oppenheimer - USGS Menlo Doug Given - USGS Pasadena Bill Leith - USGS