Working Group Outcomes Aug 2012

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QuakeML Working Group Outcome

September 7, 2012

1- Introduction.

As part of the ANSS transition to QuakeML, a working group of developers was formed to ensure the technical implementations for NEIC development would meet the needs of a larger community. The goal of the group was to determine how the ANSS QuakeML options to ensure the needs of various users were met. The group met via several phone conferences. Members: Lynda Lastowka - GHSC Michelle Guy - GHSC Jeremy Fee - GHSC Eddie Hunter - GHSC Doug Neuhauser - Berkeley Pete Lombard - Berkeley Ellen Yu - Cal Tech Aparna Bhaskaran - Cal tech Shang-Lin Chen - Cal tech Doug Given - USGS (Joined for our final call) Gabe Plank - UNR (Joined for 2 calls)

This is part of a larger effort to populate ComCat with historical phase data and other products. It also is related to the adoption of PDL by ANSS (EIDS cannot reliably transmit QuakeML format, therefore PDL is required.Cube Format cannot accommodate phase date.)

A Project Brief describing the efforts of this group is available at:

2- Outcomes

The group adopted the use of github for this and possible other collaborative projects. (Github is officially sanctioned by USGS).

The ANSS QuakeML Standards are available at:

These pages describe how ANSS will use the ANSS QuakeML standards in conjucntion with PDL for products, updates, deletes, etc.

The main topics in the standards were: Public IDs will be unique Mapping of QuakeML elements to PDL/ANSS products Versioning (Creation time stamps, etc)

The converters are referenced in a separate github project:

Pete Lombard has made modifications to AQMS to send QuakeML messages to the development PDL hub which is connected to the development EHP web server. We are now receiving origins, phase data, focal messages and moment tensors in QuakeML.

For now, there are products that have been sent as link add-ons (Waveform fits, Aftershock Warning Messages, etc) that we still need to handle. Ideally, the raw data for these products will be sent via PDL so the data can be indexed and rendered consistently across the site.

Decisions needed from ANSS: ANSS should determine the nomenclature for magnitude types. Proposed types are included in Appendix 1. Any other types can be added. RSNs should propose additions so all groups can use a uniform set of magnitude types. We would also like to explore the idea of capturing the methods used to compute the different magnitudes. See Appendix 1 for an example of how this can be captured. ANSS should determine the way forward for various products e.g. what can/should be sent as raw data and rendered dynamically.

Next Steps:

*NEIC will continue to test verify the QuakeML products from NC distributed via PDL on our development servers.

*NEIC will work to display QuakeML on our production Web and ComCat systems.  We currently have support for quakeml origin/phase-data, focal-mechanism, and moment tensor (we need a few minor updates based on on new standards).

*RSN’s should coordinate with  NEIC to receive origin/other-after-located-data using PDL instead of EIDS.  This does not affect station parametric data.

*Each RSN should email Lynda a list of data received using EIDS.  

*RSN’s should coordinate with NEIC to identify all products sent/distributed and plan accommodations for products not currently represented.   Products currently represented: Origins + Magnitudes, Moment Tensors, ShakeMap, Focal Mechanisms, Phase data, DYFI, PAGER, Tectonic Summaries, Nearby Cities   Products named for discussion: Aftershock warnings, Directivity plots, Waveform/Synthetics snippets, Confidence intervals for Focal Mechanisms, Station State of Heath messages from ASL.

*Each of these products should have a product owner/Point of Contact (Note:CISN display is an exception, ISTI will be working on this. NEIC will coordinate with Dave O.)

*Each RSN should email Lynda a list of output products they want to be in ComCat and/or want to share/distribute.

*Once the products are identified we should determine the way forward in representing and displaying the product.

*ISTI will support migrating AQMS changes to RSNs. These changes include: AQMS producing QuakeML formatted output parametric products Sending/Distributing the QuakeML output parametric products via PDL.

*Determine a plan for Antelope output of QuakeML beyond the CUBE to QuakeML conversion that we currently support.

*To improve the communication please send Lynda a list of your technical developers/POCs so we can be sure the specific questions get to the right people.

Appendix 1:

Proposed Magnitude Nomenclatures and examples of identified methods. We propose to standardize the nomenclatures for magnitudes and identify the methods used to calculate them. We can also have categories of magnitude (ie moment magnitude) and within categories have specific magnitude types (ie Mwc) identified by methodID.

Ex: Since Mwc and Mwb are specific methods we use to compute a moment magnitude, I think we would use freeform type "Mw" and then a methodID specific to Mwc/Mwb, like "" .

For each category we should have these attributes: code name description [optional reference documentation]

For each magnitude we should have these attributes: category code name description reference documentation

Proposed types and nomenclature:

Mw Mwc Mwb Mwr Mww Mws Mwd Mwca Mwp

Mb mb mB_BB mb_Lg

Me Me

Ms Ms Ms_BB Ms_VX


Md Md Mca

Examples of NEIC magnitudes and Methods

NEIC magnitude Code NEIC Method

Mwc -\Mwc\Polet\v1.5

Mwb -\Mwb\Benz\v1.5

Mwr -\Mwr\Benz\v1.2

Mww -\Mww\Rivera\v1.0

mB_BB -\mB_BB\IASPEI\v1.3

Ms_20 -\Ms\bryan\v1.5

Ms_BB -\Ms_BB\IASPEI\v1.3

Ms_VX -\Ms_VX\Russel\v1.3

ML -\ML\IASPEI_Hutton\v1.5