This meta-repository will serve as a reference location for a number of github repositories sharing ANSS ComCat-related code.
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The ANSS Developer's Corner


The National Earthquake Information Center produces a great deal of earthquake information, and has created a number of different software tools that allow internal and external users to access that information. This github repository will serve as place to find links to those software tools.

ComCat Wrapper Libraries and Demonstration Code

  • ComCat Search API. This is the site of the base web search API, on which the rest of the libraries/command line tools listed here are using.
  • Python libcomcat. This repository houses Python library code and some command line tools for accessing earthquake events in ComCat.
  • Matlab matcomcat. This repository has a simple Matlab class that wraps some of the functionality of the ComCat search API.
  • R comcat. This repository contains R functions for searching the ANSS ComCat comprehensive earthquake catalog.