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Earthquake Message Format Utilities
Jeremy Fee <>
This java library is built using an ANT build script (build.xml).
To build this project, you need:
- JDK 1.6
- Ant
Eclipse project files are included, but any editor may be used.
You will need to run an ant task to generate jaxb classes after first opening in eclipse.
- All non-generated source code is in the "src/" directory.
- All generated source code is created in a "gensrc/" directory, by the ANT target "gensrc".
- Schemas and sample files are in the "etc/" directory.
Interesting Classes:
- gov.usgs.earthquake.event.Converter has methods for converting most formats.
- gov.usgs.earthquake.quakeml.FileToQuakemlConverter is an interface for parsers to create Quakeml from other formats.
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