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SMS gateway for Android powered phones
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ci Use the new base class
gradle/wrapper Upgrade gradle version
libraries Abort on lint error for pay-me library
sms-portals Upgrade build tools
smssync Fixes #243. Make sure http client is not null
website-src Update curl example to include all the required post variables
.gitignore Clear log just in case sendTo is not a global phone phone number
.travis.yml Upgrade build tools Update building doc to use bundle to execute ruhoh compile Add info about CLA to contributing doc
LICENSE Added LGPL license file Fix config 404 and typo
build.gradle Design settings for setting number of retries for pending messages Fix build script failing when there is no property file available
changelog.json Clean up release script and made changelog json validate
contributors.json Update contributors json file
gradlew Restructure project follow gradle project convention
gradlew.bat Restructure project follow gradle project convention Clean up release script and made changelog json validate
settings.gradle Move survey dialog to the libraries directory
wait_for_emulator Include wait for emulator script in the repo.

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Welcome to "SMSSync", an android application that turns your android powered phone into an SMS gateway.

Read about it at


Installation and configuration details are here.


Documentation for developers can be found here.


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